Jai Gobind is an astrologer, intuitive, singer, songwriter, jewelry designer and the creator of Eagle Star Yoga LLC, Eagle Star Jewels and Channel for Grace.

Through her work, Jai Gobind guides us to connect deeply with our heart space, find the courage to trust our intuition and align with the healing and sustaining life force of the universe.

Jai Gobind creates sacred jewelry pieces and essential oil blends to help you align with your spiritual path and esoteric energies and to support you in your spiritual evolution. 

On her YouTube channel, you will find monthly moon, zodiac and collective ascension astrology, as well as new and full moon ceremonies.If you want to work personally with Jai, she offers a Level I astrology course, astrology and tarot readings and special trainings and webinars.

To book a reading and explore more of her offerings go to www.channelforgrace.guru